What Are Journal Entries And How To Write Them?

personal journal entry example

My son has been sick and that hasn’t been the greatest thing to happen, especially with all the sickness around here lately. He has missed a lot of school with his suspension and now he is sick and missed two days last week. I think I will send him tomorrow https://personal-accounting.org/ even though he has the cough and hope for the best. I have ended up with whatever virus my son contracted from school. My throat was killing me last night, and I couldn’t sleep. It is sore today too, but I think it is getting better…I hope.

personal journal entry example

She gave me some bath salts and sent me home. We got a gift of a small heater/fireplace from him already but I am sure he will bring something else with him today.

They seem to be fine, from what the technician told me. I have an appointment this Friday with a specialist, about a problem I am having. My boyfriend felt the invitees had enough time to respond. I thought he jumped the gun, but it was not all in my hands. I did not really like that idea either, but it was his birthday. His grandfather still has to get him something.

Journal Feedback

Or your journals will be read by zombies after the zombie apocalypse, sharing insight into how you felt and thought. This journal writer is keeping track of recipes she creates in the spur of the moment. Lent personal journal entry example is coming to a close, and the Holy Triduum of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday is upon us. Lent this year has been a good journey for me, although I have not completely stuck to my resolutions.

Most people, myself included, shrink from and put off thoughts of death by saying internally, “Oh, quit overthinking. You’ve got plenty of time to worry about that.” However, as we all know, many people die before they are old and grey. Some people die in the prime of life, while others live but a few years. While stories like these generate a sense of sympathy and wistfulness when seen on the news, we never dream that it could happen to us. This year, Good Friday and Holy Saturday (April 14-15th) coincide with some important anniversaries, and I think that there is a common theme among them that should be mentioned. We went down to the Human Society and finally adopted a dog. We were not prepared for how much attention and training this dog needs.

personal journal entry example

There’s also support for exporting your entries to TXT or JSON files, so you can take your entries with you should you decide to shut down your account. Since its release in 2011, Day One has been one of the most highly recommended journaling apps, landing a spot as Apple’s Editors Choice in the App Store numerous times. Other features that might be important to you include password protection, Markdown support, the ability to add more than one photo, location and weather tags, and journaling prompts. Journaling might be the most underrated activity that can boost your productivity and well-being in just a few minutes a day. Read Alber’s article Do You Write with Your Students?

Reflective Journal Entry #3: 1

We went to my father-in-laws and had a huge dinner. Then we went to my mom’s and had brunch. She was sick, so we didn’t stay long….that and the fact she seemed to be hustling us along. I was so uptight and nervous this season, I was actually experiencing a rapid heartbeat which drove me crazy. I just could not relax…but then every year I seem to get like that. I just think the worst all the time….

personal journal entry example

Use “I” to write your journal in the first person. You’re writing about your thoughts, experiences, and reflections, so don’t worry about putting them in third person.

Question: How To Write A Personal Journal Entry

Having a fulfilling job can promote a sense of purpose and satisfaction with life. On the other hand, having a job that demands too much of you or fails to utilize your unique talents can wear you down and lead to burnout. We’ve organized these prompts into categories that focus on relationships, emotions, how you feel about work, and more. A journal also offers a safe space to express difficult emotions, making it easier to work through distressing thoughts that you might struggle to share out loud.

I am on my weaning off my current medication, which I hope goes well. I had a visit with my therapist today..and got some things off my chest. She told me just to stay neutral and let others work it out between them. I was looking for journaling prompts when I found you. It so resonates with what I experience in my life. Especially about finding and getting my voice back.

  • That along with whatever else comes my way as far as projects.
  • He has been home from school for three days.
  • Now, I spend time running, reading, traveling, meeting friends, and sitting quietly.
  • The owner has decided to start paying the writers which was a welcome surprise.
  • The length of the journal entry could be as long or as short as your train of thought at that moment.
  • You don’t need to fill out an entire page every time you write.

However…I really had no choice…I have to sleep and my boyfriend and son have to go to school and I have to function some way… I went back to my doctor yesterday for a follow-up. She suggested that I continue taking the medication and she wants to see me back in a month.

Why Write In A Personal Journal

I do other things that aren’t writing. Yes, discipline is important, but not at the cost of day-to-day life. For a long time, I thought there was nothing more important than filling a blank page with sentences. Whilst it is widely known that Curie’s health suffered as a consequence of her work, it also impacted her belongings – and journals. One of the earliest recorded travel journals was by the Venetian merchant and explorer, Marco Polo. His journal, Livre des merveilles du monde , documented his travels to Asia, and explained to Europeans the vast size and wealth of one of the unexplored corners of the planet. These famous diary entries are incredibly valuable and offer insight and context for some of the most pivotal moments in history.

I am also thinking about writing another poetry book. I also have a collection of stories, mostly fantasy I may put into print. Use proper grammar like you would in an essay. Always follow grammar rules when you’re writing a journal for school. Use proper capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure throughout your journal entry. Make sure you reach the required word count.

  • My parents arrived with a small cake lit with candles.
  • We got our flu shot while we were there.
  • After all, your journal ideas and entries are for you and you alone.
  • This unfamiliar problem can leave students feeling that they have no control or power in the situation.
  • You can add more information than what the prompts are asking.
  • Create a thesis to give your readers an area of focus.

I bet you can think of a couple of “journals” which aren’t necessarily “diaries” as well. While a journal has two, of which one matches the exact definition of a diary.

Having said that, some students don’t know where to start and thus offer shortened answers simply because they have never had to write in this manner before. This area has students consider who they are as human beings, where they would like to change and grow, and how they see their place in the world. Encourage the use of collage, drawings, or other tools to form personal reflection journal entries. They do not necessarily have to be written.

There is no right or wrong time to write in a journal. Write when you will remember to do it.

The years most worthy of God’s grace in my life, yet devoid of it. The fruit of my gossipy, haughty, anxious crop induced profound anxiety attacks at age 16 and led to an excruciating break-up at age 17. The anxiety attacks of 16 and the break-up of 17 led to the downfall of my perceived superiority and the accentuation of self-consciousness and self-loathing. The catastrophic cocktail of my middle years of high school led me to the pit of despair. It was in that pit that I found a man with nails in his hands and scars on his brow. By the age of eighteen, that is what Easter came to mean to me. Easter is still one of my favorite holidays because I am a girl who has been redeemed through the resurrection power of Jesus Christ.

The Benefits Of Journal Writing

They’ve analyzed thousands of books, journals (!), transcripts, and essays over the years in order to find out how often words are used relatively. This article is the most in-depth answer you’ll find about the difference between a diary and a journal. It’s natural to feel off some days, but if you think you have for a long time now, here’s what it could mean and how to cope. That said, writing may not always feel fun or easy. It’s normal to experience a little discomfort when writing about painful emotions and frustrating experiences. But venting this distress can often lead to healing and growth. The best way to start is to pick up your pen and start scribbling away.

Now apparently everyone wants to go, so that upset my son. The thing is many of the students ignored him all year, until this came along.

Step 7: Review Your Journal Entries Regularly

We are going to give Matt his gift from his grandpa which is a television. He will like that…because he has wanted a bigger one for his room. We also got his dad some slippers, track suit and pants and a foot massager…so I hope he likes the gifts. It was held in an audotorium and there was no air-conditioning.

You can be as detailed as you want, or as specific as you want. You can even keep the list going if you want.

Again, it’s about personal preferences. One of the benefits of journal writing is helping students develop a love of writing. The process of journal writing is deeply therapeutic and, most importantly, fun! From elementary to high school, we have prompts to inspire all students. Well all of a sudden we have been getting work…which is great! I have not heard from one job, but I am hoping soon. Things are finally starting to look up.

She was a woman of great intellect, while he was a man with no prominent education that would essentially provide him with the right leadership skills to run a country. Today I am thankful for my bestie girls.

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